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Presidential Candidates… What Are They Talking About?

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In this post, we are going to showcase one of the capabilities of the SocialTrendly Insight Platform which analyzes what topics people talk about the most on social media, particularly on Twitter.

We decided to pick the 2016 Presidential Candidates — current front runners from both Democratic and Republican parties — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Politicians talk about many topics on the road to the campaign trail. Sometimes its hard to see if candidates are actually focusing on the topics that voters care about. The goal here is to show how our platform can analyze and extract the topics/issues that the front runners are focused on in their Twitter accounts, to make it easy to see the topics they mention/care about the most. This example is current up to 10/17/2015. We may revisit this closer to the election so we can compare to the results from today. We think this could be an interesting tool for voters as well as political strategists or journalists to follow candidate topics of interest.

Here’s what we found.


What Our Platform Did:

  • The SocialTrendly Insight Platform analyzed the last 3000 tweets from twitter accounts of each front-runners candidates of both Democratic and Republican parties — @HillaryClinton, @realDonaldTrump, @BernieSanders, @RealBenCarson. Next, we extracted the most popular keywords, topics, hashtags from those tweets to find out what the candidates talk about most of the time.
  • Each candidate talks a lot about themselves. No big surprise there. Our platform then removed these keywords first, e.g. Hillary Clinton had a lot of tweets with her name “hillary”, which were removed and if someone else mentioned her, that would be included in their results, e.g. if Donald Trump talks about “Hillary”, this is shown.
  • The SocialTrendly Insight Platform also ignored the locations that are being mentioned in the tweets. Those are usually candidates’ hometown or the place they are campaigning.
  • Finally, we categorized the extracted topics/keywords in to a few categories:
    • Topics  are actual topics/issues that matter to voters such as gun violence, wall street, illegal immigration, health care, …etc.
    • Energizers are things candidates talk about to energize their camp and followers. Obama’s Hope, Trump’s MakeAmericaGreatAgain fall into this category as well as other things that might rile up a candidates base such as: real leader, huge lead, packed room, book tour… you get the drift..
    • The Others are other people that the candidate is referring to a lot which could be in a positive way, or in a negative way.

Drum roll, please!

So, this is what candidates are actually talking about. 

This is what the current candidates are talking about. Take a look and see if these are the topics that are important to you.

We are not going to make any judgement on any candidates. We are just highlighting the facts that generated from our platform.

* Please note, all results are generated from algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and are for research purposes only. 

Appendix: Most Popular Topics, words/keywords to energize camps and other people mentioned by each candidate

HillaryClinton topics:  gun violence,  human rights,  roosevelt island,  wall street,  #gendercard,  beijing20 speech,  small business,  voting rights,  families communities,  equal rights,  strong growth,  marriage equality,  student debt,  equal pay,  #standwithPP,  economic challenge,  #climatechange,  long-term growth,  #LoveMustWin,  health care,  women families,  #LoveCantWait,  small business growth,  #MillennialMon,  universal background checks,  strong families, youth employment, share profits,  comprehensive immigration reform,  #WomensEqualityDay,  clean energy,  responsible gun owners,  living wages
energize camp:  #ImWithHer,  #NoCeilings,  #MyFirstVote,  first woman,  myfirstvote stories,  memorable moments,  gender card,  first woman president,  #DemDebate,  #GOPdebate,  #SheBelieves,  #YouGoGirl, facebook q&a,  first town hall,  effective leadership,  compassion leadership
other people:  jeb bush
BernieSanders topics:  political revolution,  billionaire class,  wall street,  new income,  super pac,  corporate america,  social security,  tax breaks,  industrialized world,  lower wages,  #budget,  wealth income,  political process,  energy system,  large corporations,  #WallSt,  #Jobs,  family value,  middle class, #SocialSecurity,  kids grandchildren,  income wealth inequality,  prescription drugs,  moral responsibility,  #BuffettRule,  koch brothers,  scientific community,  progressive budget,  public funding,  establishment politics,  guarantee health care,  one percent,  public colleges,  #GasPrices,  #McCutcheon, #WallStreet,  financial institutions,  #IncomeInequality,  serious issues,  living wage,  lower effective tax rate,  corporate greed,  social security benefits,  #FiscalCliff,  pay equity,  #USPS,  fossil fuels,  jails incarceration,  #NoKXL,  big banks’, working families, minimum wage, unequal distribution, longer hours, real change, childhood povey, #CollegeForAll
energize camps: #BTV,  #ows,  #UVM,  #GOTV, #CitizensUnited,  #IDPHOF, town meeting,  early voting,  packed room
other people:  #PaulRyan, pope francis
realDonaldTrump topics: illegal immigration, poll numbers, border security, old post office, incompetent politicians, ferry point, every poll, politically correct, southern border, #SilentMajority, #golf, silent majority, illegal immigrant, gop field, american airlines center, primary polls, strong borders, gun free zones, illegal immigrants, mexican drug lord, republican pay, gop front-runner, china asia, muslim issue
energize camps: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, america great, great honor, next president, #GOP, great president, great guy, strong leader, great time, career politicians, real deal, nice words, new clubhouse, record crowd, real leader, great leader, nice comments, #WakeUpAmerica, national republican, presidential run, big time, seanhannity tonight, much better, #USA, #tcot, #DemDebate, #GOPDebate, democratic debate, great people, great deals, terrible job, shock poll, presidential polls, great fun, huge lead, srqrepublicans speech, #Laredo, plunder deceit, last hope, #NCGOPcon
other people/company: jeb bush, huffington post, john mccain, #POTUS, tom brady, #CNN, carly fiorina, el chapo, rick perry, marco rubio, hillary clinton, chris wallace, karl rove, ronald reagan
RealBenCarson topics: #SaveOurHealthcare, informed voter, #StoPP, #PlannedParenthood, stopp funding, political correctness, #WomenBetrayed, #SignThePledgeToVote, #SteamboatFreedom, medical professionals coalition, energy resources, ebola crisis, anti-christian persecution, health savings accounts, #saveourhealthcare, #Obamacare, afghan security guard, texas hospital, complicit legislators
energize camps: #OneNation, #HealInspireRevive, #OneVoteBook, #GetFreeEbook, #SignPledge, gifted hands, sign pledge, new book, one vote, #GivingTuesday, #GOPDebate, #WeThePeople, #NewsOneNow, #CSFawards, free e-book, onenation tour, one nation, save america, great deal, #YouHaveABrain, healinspirerevive nation, #SpecialReport, #HealerHauler, good morning america, #GiftedHands, free e-book copy, minute video, common sense solutions, great time, character vote, brain surgeon, exploratory committee, presidential hopeful, change america, show afternoon, #booksigning, #GoldKingMine, #Mardels, #AmericaTheBeautiful, cnndebate tonight, national book tour, latest poll, oreillyfactor tonight, community leaders, #GOP, exclusive interview, phoenix convention center, #CNNDebate, #Believe, #CenterSeat, tele forum evening, roman empire
other people: #KellyFile, #Gruber, #Hannity