SocialTrendly Featured on UpWorks

The good folks at UpWorks called us recently to interview us.
For those of you who are not familar with them, when eLance and oDesk merged recently, they rebranded as UpWorks with the largest freelancer network in the world and $1B in revenue last year.

UpWorks was wondering how we managed to snag their #3 iOS Developer globally and how we streamlined and managed our project remotely from start to app approval.
We were very happy to be chosen for this because we are big believers in remote working and using global arbitrage to be mutually beneficial for both parties. Hope this helps anyone interested in doing the same.

Here’s a quote.

Q: SocialTrendly’s tech team is distributed; your first app developer was in Eastern Europe. How do you make things work across such a distance?

A: We actually take pride in being distributed. It isn’t as important for tech professionals to be under the same roof. If we were in San Francisco, we’d need to pay much higher prices and worry about losing our talent to each company around the block. With our distributed model, we can really work with the best talent from around the world, at a good but competitive rate, have a greater impact on someone’s life, and work with a professional who’s committed to our project’s success.

Full Article after the jump:


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