Socialtrendly is Getting Personal

SocialTrendly is officially focusing more heavily on our personality platform.
Our personality platform was originally developed for our Vibespotr App.

After launching Vibespotr, we decided to utilize our personality platform in a broader way.
While developing our Personality algorithms for Vibespotr’s recommendation engine we saw we had created something truly interesting and unique that could be utilized by other companies to get a better understanding of their user communities or even to build apps that would perform better by understanding a user’s taste graph and allow for new and interesting matching with minimal investment time from a user.

The SocialTrendly platform reveals insights into a user’s personality and then creates like-minded matches across their networks with people, celebrities, brands and more through cool looking infographic-style visuals.

SocialTrendly Personality Platform

Our proprietary AI analyzes language, sentiment and interests from a user’s social media streams to identify individual personality and taste. We plan on using gamification to enrich this data while keeping things fun and engaging.

You can find out more about the SocialTrendly Platform here.


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